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First Time Shoppers (FAQ)

All our books are Brand New and unopened unless otherwise stated! While we can’t guarantee perfection, we have multiple copies of most books and will pick out the Mintiest book possible for you!  Please note that pictures are provided to us by the publisher at the time of solicitation and are not necessarily reflective of the actual product.  Unless otherwise noted, most of our books are of the current printing.

If a book is listed as available on the webstore this means that it is in print, to the best of our knowledge, and either in-store here and ready to ship (about 90% of the time) or available for order from our distributor. If we cannot fill your order completely within 24-48 hours, our policy is to ship out what we currently have on hand and refund any books that we are out of stock of. You will receive an email if this is the case, along with an estimated timeframe of when we might have any missing books in-store so you can reorder them in the future if you wish. Unfortunately we cannot hold any orders or wait for books to arrive to us (sorry, this just adds to our chaos and costs and we want to keep prices as low as possible for you guys). If you wish to include “alternate” books in the notes section of your order we can substitute a similarly priced book for one that is out of stock.

CheapGraphicNovels reserves the right to cancel all or parts of an order (this may happen if we make a substantial mistake in the listing of a book) or to limit buyers to one copy of a book (for example we may do this if we have limited quantities of a book that is out of print, as we want to make sure as many buyers as possible get a chance to purchase a hard-to-get item at a fair price). If you wish to order multiple copies of any book, you must contact us ahead of time for any quantity limits and price. 
Failure to do so may result in a 10% cancellation fee for the extra copies.

If a book is listed with an "estimated back in stock" date, that is the date we expect to have the book back in stock.  If there is no "estimated back in stock" date listed, then this book is out of print and we will be unable to attain additional copies for the foreseeable future. 

All orders are shipped in super-secure padded boxes for maximum protection! If you have ordered from us before, you know we have the best packaging in the mail order business!!!

Shipping is via USPS Media Mail at a flat-rate of $7.99….flat rate means you pay the same low $7.99 shipping amount no matter how many books you purchase, so order a lot! Most orders are shipped our within three to four days (this may be longer during busier weeks and is not a guarantee) and will generally take 2-10 business days after we ship out to reach you, depending on your location (we are in California). All orders come with delivery confirmation.

If you have received a shipping notification, then your order has left our facility.  Please keep in mind that USPS Delivery Confirmation is NOT the same as tracking.  The USPS will very occasionally update with tracking information along the way but most packages are only scanned a day or two prior to delivery.

Please be aware that once your package is taken away by our postman we don’t know where it is until it reaches you and DO NOT have with any additional information as to its location. You can go to the usps.gov website and input your delivery confirmation # to get a status update but this is almost always very out of date until a few days prior to delivery.  If your order is over $100 (or an Artist Edition) we will automatically upgrade your shipping to Signature Confirmation for your protection at no additional cost.  If you wish to waive this, you MUST leave a note in your order.

If you require faster delivery we also offer USPS Priority Mail…we use USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes and will fit as many books as we safely can into a box at a rate of $14.99 per box.  Please note that these costs are just an estimate and depend on how many books we can safely pack in one box - you will be notified if more money is needed to ship your order or sent a refund for any extra shipping paid.  Generally we can fit about $50-60 worth of books in one Medium Size Flat Rate Box - one DC Absolute or Marvel Omnibus or about 4-5 Trade Paperback/Hardcovers.

We offer International Shipping by utilizing regular boxes and/or USPS International Shipping Flat Rate Boxes to get your packages out to you quickly and safely.  See the above Priority Mail information to see the amount of books we can get in one Medium box.  Costs vary and most of the time you will be charged an overestimate at checkout; for certain oversized books (such as Artist Editions) you will be charged a nominal fee of $6.99 and then given the actual cost prior to shipment.  Again, please note that these costs are just an estimate and depend on how many books we can safely pack in one box - you will be notified if more funds are needed to complete shipping or sent a refund for any excess shipping charge.
  Please keep in mind that while we may be able to give you a rough estimate prior to ordering, it is impossible for us to get you a quote until your order has actually been placed.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Credit card transactions are handled off site by Authorize.net. If for some reason your transaction fails we do not know why and have no access to your card information (this is actually for your security), you will need to contact your credit card provider for additional information. A couple of “issues” that other users have run into: (1) make sure your billing address is correct when you enter your account info on our site, as this has to match what is on file with your credit card provider, (2) payments sometimes cannot be processed if the user is trying to order from work or a public computer due to network issues…if your transaction fails in these cases we would suggest retrying from your home computer.

If your order has not shipped it may be possible to cancel all or part of it…there is a 10% cancellation fee to cover our payment processing fees and extra administrative costs. If we have to cancel your order due to books being out of stock there will NOT be any cancellation fee.

We cannot combine shipping costs on multiple orders, again due to our extra card fees and administrative costs in processing different orders. If you forget to include book(s) in your order or want to add more books later on we suggest you leave them in your cart (you can leave books in your cart and they will be saved), or on your wish list, for your future consideration. We may include multiple orders in a box if they pack more safely that way.

Generally we do not offer refunds, unless you receive incorrect book(s)…in these cases we will of course try to fix the problem ASAP at our expense.

While we try our best to make our packages “bomb-proof”, the post office still manages to beat us once in a while (less than 1% of orders sent out are reported back to us as damaged).  Unfortunately this is one of the risks and hazzards of mail order, so please be aware that you have a partner in any mail order transaction, the US Postal Service.  If you are not happy with the condition of any book we have sent you please contact us.  We MAY be able to offer you a full or partial refund if you wish to return any item (IMPORTANT – you must contact us before any return for permission and instructions).  We cannot provide any return shipping labels or do any straight exchanges, again to keep everyone’s costs as low as possible.

Shipping insurance is available for a small additional cost and can be purchased at the time you check out. This will allow you to get reimbursement through the US Postal Service if your order is damaged or lost in transit (please note – you will need to file your claim with the USPS if you feel your order was damaged in transit; CheapGraphicNovels does NOT reimburse you directly, although we will provide you with copies of your invoice and any paperwork you may need).


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